Modern Music Influenced by The Blues

Today, you can see a lot of varieties in music and there is a wide range to enjoy and experience. It can be from R&B to hip-hop and to jazz. To date, all the genres have earned their own fans and they have also earned special experiences. There are a lot of musicians that are trying everything to provide the best through tweaking the existing styles. Yes, they have succeeded in locating the most appropriate sound combinations. These combinations have resulted in producing remarkable music.

Thanks to the tweaking and experimentations by these legends, at the end of the day, fans are gifted with nothing but the best.

Blues Music and Its Contributions

Even though you may think that they are completely unrelated, there is a high influence of Blues music to today’s pop music. Today’s pop music, if you observe has taken a lot of concepts from Blues music. We can easily see the Blues music in all kinds of works by most popular bands and artists in history.

Let’s understand some of the ways through which Blues music influenced the world’s most popular music types.


Rhythm is one of the major things that you can experience in Blues music. Without a proper rhythm, we cannot imagine the best Blues music and it would sound empty. When we think of music by traditional Africans, there is some similarity with Blue music and that is drum sounds. Pacing and the swagger went into a special combination in Blues music’s rhythm.

So, we can confidently say that there are many concepts that hip hop grabbed from Blues music. For example guitar riffs, samples, and even drum beats. But when we consider the swagger and tone of today’s hip hop we can definitely see the influence of Blues music.


The soul is considered to be a crucial part of R&B. It has always made strong expressions when it comes to feelings and they choose the original passion as an ideal path. Even in Blues music, all the artists sing their songs with their hearts and souls and this is the most appealing part. So, this is the major resembles between R&B and Blues music.

There is one more similarity and that is both these genres demand a relaxed setting and that can be compared to enjoying a massage at home.


Yes, horns are crucial here and this is observed by each and every jazz lover. But there is one more thing that you should observe here and that is the similarity between Blues guitar and horn sound. When it comes to sounds, they both appear to be very similar. So, we can explain this as in Jazz, the pitch of the guitar is going to replace by trumpets, trombones, and even saxophones in jazz.

Final Thoughts

So, after reading this, we can easily understand how the Blues music has influenced modern music unknowingly. In addition to this, there are many signatures that seem to be very unusual in Blues music is utilized in an extraordinary and elevated level.

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Intro To The Delta Blues

The Delta Blues is a style of blues music that originated in the Mississippi Delta region of the U.S. It is one of the earliest known styles of blues music. The Delta blues are considered a regional iteration of country blues. Guitars and harmonicas dominate the style. Slide guitar especially is an identifying hallmark of the Delta Blues. Typical vocal styles in Delta Blues can be very soulful and reflective or raging and passionate.

The Father Of The Delta Blues

Charley Patton

Charley Patton regarded by many to be the “Father of Delta Blues” played arguable the most important role in the inception of the style. He was an incredibly versatile musician with an interesting life and background. When listening to his recordings along with prominent Delta Blues artists it is impossible not to hear his influence. You could argue that the father of Delta Blues paved the road for the “King of Delta Blues.”

The King of Delta Blues

Robert Johnson

Although his life is poorly documented, his legend is infinite. Robert Johnson is regarded as an absolute master of the blues, specifically when it comes to the Delta Blues, which is why he’s called the king of them. The most well known legend of Robert Johnson is that he sold his soul to the devil to get musical success. Along with that there are many other myths and legends that shroud his life. Especially his romantic life. If he was here now he might also be considered the King of casual encounters. Whether romantic or musically the love is real.

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How to Stream Blues and Other Music Online Free

Live streaming of audios, videos and data from the Internet has become quite normal activity these days. With the usage of smartphones increasing exponentially, it has given rise to numerous websites that allow for free music, video, and data from their sites to your phones. Earlier, there were slight hitches of downloading or live streaming of your favorite music or video, but these glitches have been removed with revolution happening in the field of technology.

Apart from the leap in science and technology, it was but obvious for software companies to bring about newer applications in the form of live streaming of music. In fact, there was already a large base of music lovers that extended to the length and breadth of the world. No man or woman and even children could think of existing without music. This gave immense opportunities to companies to launch their own platforms for streaming live music to consumers.

From Storing Music to Live Music

Earlier, music lovers stored their favorite music in the phone’s limited memory space. They listened to their favorite music and when they got bored they removed them and recorded a few more. But with the steady expansion of mobile technology the storing space became quite huge so that thousands of songs or music could be recorded with ease and then listened conveniently throughout the whole day and far into the night.

This didn’t stop here. Music lovers wanted to have even better music experience and therefore gave their opinions and suggestions through various social media platforms. Naturally, music companies seeing a huge market here started to develop software programs so that music could be downloaded or seen live on their site.

Soon these companies proliferated around the globe offering free music streaming online. For instance, there were so many sites that each started to vie with the other to get to the top position on search engine. You may have heard about YouTube, Google Play Music, Pandora, Spotify, Apple Music, and Amazon. These are just the few for there also others that have re-invented music streaming to the level that it is quite an experience when it comes to music lovers.

Free and Not Free Music Streaming

There are several sites that give to its listeners top quality music from artists of different genre. There are music pertaining to different occasions and these are listed on the site. You may either download them or listen live on the site itself. Some sites are not only for listeners but also give out video streaming to members as this makes listening to music even more exciting.

Several sites offer music streaming free and you only need to click on the categories like Folks, Classical, Holiday Music, Love songs, Melancholy, Metal, Oldies and so on. These again in some sites are further listed in different languages. So for an ardent music lover, you can simply listen to your favorite songs day and night without an interval if you so want.

Further, many sites allow the option to skip ads as most of the music lovers do not want sudden interruption with the blatant sounds of ads in between two song events. At certain sites like Amazon, you can listen to millions of songs if so wish. In the case with non-free sites you don’t have to pay big sums, but only a small amount as fees for a few weeks. Yet there are more visitors on free music streaming sites than non-free sites.

Advantageous to Listeners and Artists

The plethora of sites offers both the listeners some of the greatest music. The music lovers now have several options like making your music tailor-made for you or may even listen to some great songs on other user’s public playlist. You may then add some songs while removing other songs in your own public playlist too such that others visiting your site may listen to them and give their opinions and suggestions, their likes and dislikes.

You may skip as many songs as you may wish on certain sites. But on certain sites, you may not do so as they don’t allow you skip the ads as well as limit the number of songs that you wish to skip.

Many music streaming sites offer new artist as well those who have passion in singing or playing instruments upload their music, songs or album so that these are made available to public through social platforms. You may get suggestions and ratings while doing so which helps you to promote more of your songs. Many people have become quite famous this way and have even begun their professional music career from these platforms.

In order to get the best effect and getting better reviews, a music creator may use several tools and adjustments. For the listeners, most sites are compatible to iOS, Android and Apple and more so that you may listen to music in any of the operating systems.

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What is the Best File Sharing Website?

Use File Sharing To Share The Blues!

File sharing apps and websites have come a long way since the time Napster was first launched and released for public use. File sharing apps and websites have now become extremely popular with an increasing number of user base now choosing to share various types of files using these apps as well as services. For the uninitiated a file sharing website is essentially nothing but a platform for storing and sharing different types of files as well as documents such as images, videos, music, audio files, games and software. Before you can begin sharing these files you need to download your preferred choice of file sharing app or visit its website, then you need to create your personalized, log in to it before you can start sharing files and stuff.

The different file sharing websites and apps

The file sharing apps as well as websites serve as a great platform or tool for sharing different types of files across devices and computers through the local area network or the internet. Some of the most common kinds of transmission, distribution and storage includes using distributed p2p networking, online hyper-linked documents, sharing transportable media manually and centralized servers based on the computer networks. There are a number of file sharing software, app, websites and services available right now in the market. Let us have a look at some of the best file sharing websites, services and apps amongst the whole catalogue of such services.

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dropbox free file sharing

Dropbox business:

The business edition of the Dropbox is one of the best file sharing app that you can get anywhere. The efficiency of this app can be determined by the fact that a large number of high profile clients used the services by the Dropbox file sharing service and most of them have positive feedback on the file sharing services rendered by Dropbox. The business edition of the Dropbox provides a functional solution to the file sharing requirements and a lot of the people have this app downloaded and installed on their respective devices.

There are 2 versions of the Dropbox app : One is the free version and the other is the paid business edition. Some of the additional and exclusive services as well as features that you get with the business edition of the app includes advanced syncing capabilities, smooth integration, dedicated support and advanced sharing features. In addition to this the Dropbox business also provides the features of priority emails, remote transfer of account and unlimited recovery. All these great features combined with reasonable pricing makes Dropbox business one of the must have file sharing app on your device.

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Google Drive:

The Google Drive is another cloud storage and file sharing service that is very popular due to its efficiency and productive features. The service provided by Google Drive allows you to store and share files, music, videos and pictures etc from the single location. One of the great things about Google Drive is the fact that is has got instant syncing capabilities which means that the service automatically syncs all of your data to all devices that are linked and connected with your account. This means that as soon as you make an update to any of your files this is immediately reflected on all of the linked devices thus providing consistent data on all devices.

Another interesting feature provided by Google Drive includes the capability of re-doing or rolling back the changes that you have made in the past 30 days. This is made possible as your data is monitored and a copy of the original data or a pointer to that data is stored just in case if you want to undo the changes. The Google Drive also provides some of the most popular features such as image recognition for scanning your pictures and OCR capability for finding text within the images.

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The ShareFile is one of the file sharing app and service that you can come across. This service is like a one stop destination for all of your file transfer and file sharing requirements. The pricing for the ShareFile app or service is extremely flexible with multiple options provided for the clients to choose from. In addition to the reasonable pricing, the ShareFile also provides the option of a free trial for the consumers wherein you can try out all the features and major components of the service provided by the ShareFile.

The ShareFile provides safe and secure sharing of business files as it uses a strong SSL/TSL-256 bit of encryption while also providing multiple customization levels. Some of the other amazing features that are provided by ShareFile include easy sharing of files, syncing of data from a number of different applications as well as leveraging the present investments irrespective of the locations.

These are some of the best file sharing websites and apps available currently.

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Our Top 5 Blues Artists of All Time

Coming up with a top 5 list is always difficult. This is our list of the top 5 blues artists of all time (in no particular order) along with a sampling of their music. All of these artists contributed greatly to the genre and left their mark on not just blues, but music as an art form.

Howlin’ Wolf

Wooooo Hooooo

This is an unmistakable song by an unforgettable artist. Quintessential blues at its finest.

Robert Johnson

King of The Delta Blues

You can hear why they call him the King of The Delta Blues and why he makes our top 5 list.

John Lee Hooker

Electric Guitar Legend

As soon as you hear that iconic guitar you know you are hearing the brilliance of John Lee Hooker

Muddy Waters

Father of Modern Chicago Blues

Muddy definitely got his mojo workin’ one and his influence on music is incalculable.

B.B. King

The King of The Blues

When it comes to listening to The King Of The Blues the thrill will never be gone for us.