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What is the Best File Sharing Website?

Use File Sharing To Share The Blues!

File sharing apps and websites have come a long way since the time Napster was first launched and released for public use. File sharing apps and websites have now become extremely popular with an increasing number of user base now choosing to share various types of files using these apps as well as services. For the uninitiated a file sharing website is essentially nothing but a platform for storing and sharing different types of files as well as documents such as images, videos, music, audio files, games and software. Before you can begin sharing these files you need to download your preferred choice of file sharing app or visit its website, then you need to create your personalized, log in to it before you can start sharing files and stuff.

The different file sharing websites and apps

The file sharing apps as well as websites serve as a great platform or tool for sharing different types of files across devices and computers through the local area network or the internet. Some of the most common kinds of transmission, distribution and storage includes using distributed p2p networking, online hyper-linked documents, sharing transportable media manually and centralized servers based on the computer networks. There are a number of file sharing software, app, websites and services available right now in the market. Let us have a look at some of the best file sharing websites, services and apps amongst the whole catalogue of such services.

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dropbox free file sharing

Dropbox business:

The business edition of the Dropbox is one of the best file sharing app that you can get anywhere. The efficiency of this app can be determined by the fact that a large number of high profile clients used the services by the Dropbox file sharing service and most of them have positive feedback on the file sharing services rendered by Dropbox. The business edition of the Dropbox provides a functional solution to the file sharing requirements and a lot of the people have this app downloaded and installed on their respective devices.

There are 2 versions of the Dropbox app : One is the free version and the other is the paid business edition. Some of the additional and exclusive services as well as features that you get with the business edition of the app includes advanced syncing capabilities, smooth integration, dedicated support and advanced sharing features. In addition to this the Dropbox business also provides the features of priority emails, remote transfer of account and unlimited recovery. All these great features combined with reasonable pricing makes Dropbox business one of the must have file sharing app on your device.

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Google Drive:

The Google Drive is another cloud storage and file sharing service that is very popular due to its efficiency and productive features. The service provided by Google Drive allows you to store and share files, music, videos and pictures etc from the single location. One of the great things about Google Drive is the fact that is has got instant syncing capabilities which means that the service automatically syncs all of your data to all devices that are linked and connected with your account. This means that as soon as you make an update to any of your files this is immediately reflected on all of the linked devices thus providing consistent data on all devices.

Another interesting feature provided by Google Drive includes the capability of re-doing or rolling back the changes that you have made in the past 30 days. This is made possible as your data is monitored and a copy of the original data or a pointer to that data is stored just in case if you want to undo the changes. The Google Drive also provides some of the most popular features such as image recognition for scanning your pictures and OCR capability for finding text within the images.

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The ShareFile is one of the file sharing app and service that you can come across. This service is like a one stop destination for all of your file transfer and file sharing requirements. The pricing for the ShareFile app or service is extremely flexible with multiple options provided for the clients to choose from. In addition to the reasonable pricing, the ShareFile also provides the option of a free trial for the consumers wherein you can try out all the features and major components of the service provided by the ShareFile.

The ShareFile provides safe and secure sharing of business files as it uses a strong SSL/TSL-256 bit of encryption while also providing multiple customization levels. Some of the other amazing features that are provided by ShareFile include easy sharing of files, syncing of data from a number of different applications as well as leveraging the present investments irrespective of the locations.

These are some of the best file sharing websites and apps available currently.